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And I finally friended or subscribed or whatever to many of you, and stalked some others (I SEE YOU POSTING THERE, HI) so hi! I figured I should post and tell you if anything is up with me.

(Not really all that much)

1. Saw the Eclipse 2017 from Glendo State Park, it was awesome. Great weather for it. Shortest cool thing or coolest short thing I ever got to be present for. Driving 7 hours home on a route that should've been an hour and a half was still worth it.

2. I am compulsively watching Hurricanes Irma and Jose, after compulsively watching Harvey. Everyone even near Florida, stay safe, guys.

3. Working at State of Wy. Retirement, answering phones, filing/indexing/scanning. Low-level but low-stress (now that I got the hang of the system). Permanent temp, pretty much; they don't have the budget to actually hire anyone.

4. Still teaching, just on break for another week, then I have a course from Kaplan again.

5. My car got trashed by hail at the beginning of June. I really need to get the worst parts fixed....

6. There is no six.

So yiss. Should be more in contact, now that I set little electronic bells on all of y'all who made the move over here to Dreamhost.
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Yup, the time has come to cut my losses. I know many of you have worried about me, and my love for SPN, and felt that the relationship has been abusive for some time. Over the last year, I've come to agree with you. I am verklempt.

The last time I had to break up like this, it was with Smallville, and I never regretted that, and even went back to almost-watching in the last two-three seasons. But I didn't have to suffer through soooo much stupid (even though it means I missed out on Jensen Ackles as a football coach). Mostly that was about breaking up with Lex. He understood. He wasn't enjoying his life either.

I don't wanna break up with Dean and Castiel... but I'm mostly okay with breaking up with Sam by this point. I'm just exhausted, people! Totally wiped out by his self-righteousness. And bone-headedness. No amount of amusing bitch-faces is enough to compensate for his lecturing and poor life decisions at this point. Not even his expression when Crowley calls him "Moose."

I am also marveling at Dean's total stupid in the last season or so, but since I was mostly watching it with the sound off and making up dialogue, my love for him and Cas is somewhat more undamaged.

So: am rolling back, resetting, and creating a new start point from the end of season 8. As far as I'm concerned, that's when the series ended.

The guys get it. Really. 'Cause like Lex, they'd leave their lives if they could. (Oh holy wow would they ever.) I might have to rescue them in fic sometime in the future...

The last year's loss of so many good writers, the retreads, the retcons, the unfunny "funny" eps, the continuity contradictions; they're all my last straws of "can not remember why I'm still here", so. I will still be reading the fic. Still be vaguely following the plots. Possibly even watching eps where we have guaranteed Dean-shirtlessness.

But otherwise, I'm regretfully closing a chapter here....

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{{{{{hugs her memory, and everyone that knew her}}}}}}

Remember, you can ectoplasmically crash at my place any time you want.
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Let's see, it's 5 months since the last time I posted, and ... it may be snowing this weekend. Yeah, some things are relative constants in Cheyenne. Snow eight months out of twelve being one of them.

On the other hand, there's been a wedding (my cousin in August), some more work, some more play, various books (Read "The Raven Boys, and "The Dream Thieves", by Maggie Stiefvater, if you get the chance, also, "The Night Circus" by Erin Morganstern).

Watching: Agents of SHIELD (since I'm not forced to put in the periods because of copyright) (HA) (That was longer than putting them in), Haven, Person of Interest, Orphan Black....

Avoiding all things Federal Government. Because wow, do I not need that anxiety/depression/nightmare fuel.

And looking forward to my 45th at the end of the month, because I'll get to see "Book of Mormon" in Denver then.

Anyone got happy things to share? Oh, and I'm now addicted to Pinterest at ceellka, if y'all want to check out my boards.
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*stares outside*

*stares at Weather Channel, which declares that more snow is incoming until 6pm MDT!*

*points at Weiss's judgment, which is true if not literally so*
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So last night I dreamed that I had a wad of gum. That I was chewing. I snuck it from somewhere, and I wandered off so I wouldn't get caught with it. And it turned into a huuuuuge ball of dough. I put it in the garbage to hide it, and *that* was when I realized that I had to give it back. And take the bits that had garbage on them off, so no one would know I had snuck it.

Why do I overshare this? Because this is a - or at least my - visual action brain metaphor: "Biting off more than you can chew."

*stares at brain* Really?
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(What, you say? You didn't know I was gone? ... well, not surprising, it's been ages.)

But yes! Back. I had a lovely time-- got to visit the Phoenix Thursday night art walk, and see works by Dave McGary, amazing stuff. I would *love* to own any version of "Stargazers", it's a gorgeous piece. They all were, but that one sticks with me. Also went to the Scottsdale Art Festival and wandered around for most of Friday morning, saw so many great things, glass works, jewelry, leather, wood working, some really gorgeous, envy-worthy pencil works. On top of this, two baseball games (USA vs. the Rockies, Cubs vs. White Sox) on Wednesday and Thursday... unfortunately neither team we were rooting for won. Bah. But! Did get to see the older Cubs complex, as well as the brand-new-shiny Rockies training complex. I think I like the older one better-- smaller, but much easier to see the players, the other fans, to hear what was going on, and much less of a hike. A shame this is the last year they'll be at that stadium. Also got to swim in the parentals' pool at their condo; first time I've been swimming in ages, but it all came back really fast. I've got to get into the water more often.

The plane ride back was... interesting. I sat next to 2-year-old Adeline and her mother. Adeline was amusing and cute for 90% of the ride. The last 20 minutes, however, it was obvious that (a) she had missed her nap, and (b) SHE WANTED TO GO POTTY. NOW. NOW. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. (Which her mom did not respond to by taking her to the restroom, because we were on final approach, and yeah, I get it. But oh man I am glad I don't have children. Again.)

If I didn't have so much grading to catch up on tomorrow, I'd go to the Frozen Dead Guy Days up in Nederland again. That was hilarious the couple times I visited while living in Colorado. The weather sucked enough today that they put it all off 'til tomorrow. Possibly no coffin racing. So sad.

I got to see Celli in Denver when she was down here last week (*WAVING!*). Those CPAs. Always with the drinking and the arcade games. Partiers. Go ask her about 1-UP.

So, what have you all been up to while I hibernated away? :>
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Or maybe I mean bitchiness? Either/or.

Cut if weight or anxiety stuff is a trigger. )

Hi? Hi.

Apr. 25th, 2011 02:38 pm
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IT STRIKES ME that I should have a post here, since I haven't posted yet, even though I've had this account umpty-months at this point.


Online science teacher. Fan. Geek. Aspiring full-time teacher. Reader. Writer. Role-player (shh).

Wyoming, Colorado, Virginia, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Wyoming, California.

Slovenia, Italy, points north and south.

Due South, Forever Knight, Pretender, X-Files, ALIAS, Highlander: the Raven, VR.5, BSG(2003), Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Iron Man, Birds of Prey, Dresden Files, Smallville, Star Trek (original and Reboot), Stargate SG-1, Farscape, and others I've probably forgotten by now.

I have an LJ account, a Tumblr account, a Stumble Upon account, and a Twitter account.

Discuss. Or not, as the mood takes you.
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