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(What, you say? You didn't know I was gone? ... well, not surprising, it's been ages.)

But yes! Back. I had a lovely time-- got to visit the Phoenix Thursday night art walk, and see works by Dave McGary, amazing stuff. I would *love* to own any version of "Stargazers", it's a gorgeous piece. They all were, but that one sticks with me. Also went to the Scottsdale Art Festival and wandered around for most of Friday morning, saw so many great things, glass works, jewelry, leather, wood working, some really gorgeous, envy-worthy pencil works. On top of this, two baseball games (USA vs. the Rockies, Cubs vs. White Sox) on Wednesday and Thursday... unfortunately neither team we were rooting for won. Bah. But! Did get to see the older Cubs complex, as well as the brand-new-shiny Rockies training complex. I think I like the older one better-- smaller, but much easier to see the players, the other fans, to hear what was going on, and much less of a hike. A shame this is the last year they'll be at that stadium. Also got to swim in the parentals' pool at their condo; first time I've been swimming in ages, but it all came back really fast. I've got to get into the water more often.

The plane ride back was... interesting. I sat next to 2-year-old Adeline and her mother. Adeline was amusing and cute for 90% of the ride. The last 20 minutes, however, it was obvious that (a) she had missed her nap, and (b) SHE WANTED TO GO POTTY. NOW. NOW. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. (Which her mom did not respond to by taking her to the restroom, because we were on final approach, and yeah, I get it. But oh man I am glad I don't have children. Again.)

If I didn't have so much grading to catch up on tomorrow, I'd go to the Frozen Dead Guy Days up in Nederland again. That was hilarious the couple times I visited while living in Colorado. The weather sucked enough today that they put it all off 'til tomorrow. Possibly no coffin racing. So sad.

I got to see Celli in Denver when she was down here last week (*WAVING!*). Those CPAs. Always with the drinking and the arcade games. Partiers. Go ask her about 1-UP.

So, what have you all been up to while I hibernated away? :>
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